Theoretical Physics


Non Linear Dynamics

- Integrable approximation of non-integrable dynamics.
- Problem of small denominators and of divergence of asymptotic series in perturbation theory.

Quantum Chaos

- Classical dynamics as an underlying structure of quantum mechanics features. Chaos and resonances assisted tunneling.

Open Quantum Systems

- Markovian open systems, Lindblad equation. Weyl representation and semiclassical limit.


- Loss of coherence in open quantum systems, with or without dissipation.
- Role of classical dynamics in the decoherence rates.


- How to mathematically characterize entanglement? How much does it make sense experimentally?

Quantum-classical correspondence

- Theory of measurement and the nature of the break between the quantum world and the classical world.
- Role of decoherence in the emergence of classical dynamics.
- Meaning of the semiclassical limit in open systems.

Quantum Information Theory

- Theory of measurement, experimental facts, considered as gain of information.

Physics boundaries: experimental reality

- How much an experimental fact is a mind construction, how much does it tell about nature itself?

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