Solutions of parabolic, elliptic and hyperbolic equations; weak solutions; viscosity solutions; diffusion equations; porous medium; fast diffusion; Stefan problem; nonlocal equations; stochastic aspects of pde's and pide's; Lévy processes; large deviations; fractional Laplacian; Hamilton-Jacobi equations; deterministic and stochastic control problems.


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  • Ecuaciones de Hamilton-Jacobi no locales: ergocidad y control
    MTM2014-57031-P, 01/1/2015 — 31/12/2017.
  • ANR HJnet, Hamilton-Jacobi equations on heterogeneous structures and networks
    ANR-12-BS01-0008-01, 01/2013 – 12/2015; extended to 12/2015.
  • ANR WKBHJ, Weak KAM beyond Hamilton-Jacobi
    ANR-12-BS01-0020, 12/2012 – 12/2015
  • Ecuaciónes de difusión no lineal: problemas locales y no locales
    MTM2011-25287 – Spain, 01/2012 – 12/2014; extended to 06/2015.

PhD Students

  • Nguyen Thi Tuyen, co-advisorship with O. Ley (Insa Rennes). Beginning: 09/2013.
    Title: « Comportement en temps long des équations de Hamilton-Jacobi dans des cas non standards ».