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The general field of my research is called relativistic gravitation, and more specifically, I'm interested in the theoretical aspects of the stucture and evolution of relativistic compact objects such as neutron stars and black holes, and in their capacity to emit gravitational waves. My work in progress is linked to oscillations of compact objects (collaboration with S. Bonazzola, LUTH, Paris Meudon Observatory), their inner structure (collaboration with G. Gondek-Rosińska, University of Zielona Góra, Poland, and M. Ansorg, University of Jena, Germany) and the emission of gravitational waves by binary systems (collaboration with T. Damour and A. Nagar, IHES, France).

Some talks I gave:

Workshop on numerical relativity and gravitational waves organised at the Parma University: Parma 2011 (differential rotation of compact objects)

Seminar at LAPTH, Annecy, in 2006: Annecy 2006 (oscillations and gravitational waves)

Seminar at LMPT, Tours, in 2004: Tours 2004 (evolution of proto-neutron stars)

List of publications on the NASA ADS database: here