PARTE will take place from Wednesday the 26th of Febuary (morning) till Friday the 28th (noon) at the International Center for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) in Edinburgh.

Practical Information

All practical informations about the ICMS can be found here.

Map to come to the ICMS.

Registration contact:
Iain Gordon


Organisers: I. Gordon (Edinburgh), R. Kessar (London), C. Lecouvey (Tours) and N. O'Connell (Warwick)

in association with the
GDRI French-British-German network in representation theory
Website of the GDRI


  • Nathanaël Berestycki (Cambridge)
  • Philippe Biane (Paris Est)
  • Valentin Féray (Bordeaux)

The format will be interactive, with introductory lectures in the mornings followed by smaller group activities (discussion groups and/or informal tutorials) on the Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.


The programme is here.


The list of participants is here.

Some references on the topics

N. Berestycki : Lectures on Mixing Times here
Notes of the talks Notes

P. Biane : From Pitman's Theorem to Crystals here
P. Biane's slides for the conference : Slide1. Slide2.

P. Diaconis : Group Representations in Probability and Statistics here

V. Feray : Approche Duale des Représentations du Groupe Symétrique here
Notes of the talks Notes

W. Fulton and J. Harris : Representation Theory here

S. V. Kerov : Asymptotic Representation Theory of the Symmetric Group and its Applications in Analysis here

W. Woess : Denumerable Random Walks here