Welcome to Thomas Gobet's webpage !    

Position: Since September 2019, I am a Maître de Conférences (Associate Professor) at the University of Tours and a member of the Institut Denis Poisson. moiBefore this I was an ARC supported postdoc in the Algebra research group of the University of Sydney, working with Anthony Henderson. Before this I was an ANR supported postdoc in the Geometry team of the Institut Elie Cartan de Lorraine in Nancy, working with Pierre-Emmanuel Chaput. Before this I was a scientific collaborator in the Representation theory team of Gunter Malle at the University of Kaiserslautern. Before this I was a PhD student of François Digne in the Group theory team of the University of Amiens. 

Email address: thomas.gobet [à table] lmpt.univ-tours.fr

Postal address:
Institut Denis Poisson, CNRS UMR 7350
Faculté des Sciences et Techniques
Université de Tours
Parc de Grandmont
37200 TOURS, France

Office: E2160

Phone number: (33) 2 47 36 71 11