Field theory

Here are the main themes our group is currently working on.

Gauge theory

  • Quantum Chromodynamics: confinement and chiral symmetry breaking, phase structure, quark-gluon plasma, strong magnetic fields
  • Standard model of electroweak interactions in strong magnetic fields  
  • Dissipationless anomalous transport laws in field theory and condensed matter
  • Lattice gauge theory
  • Extra dimensions
  • Stochastic supersymmetry
  • Protein folding in a field theory formalism

Non-commutative geometry

  • Field theory on non-commutative and fuzzy spaces
  • Non-commutative mechanics, non-commutative oscillators and non-commutative Landau problem
  • Hall effects, semiclassical chiral fermions 
  • Chaotic dynamics
  • Nambu mechanics

Classical solutions

  • Monopoles and vortices in gauge theories
  • Oscillatons and breathers in gauge theories coupled to gravity
  • Boson stars