Thème « black holes and compact astrophysical objects »

Chercheurs :

Sergey Solodukhin, Loïc Villain, Clément Berthiere

Présentation :

Research themes of this group mainly focus on macroscopic objects whose description involves a relativistic theory of gravitation. Sergey Solodukhin works on properties of black holes and gravitational waves in general relativity and alternative theories. One of his common topics of interest is black hole entropy (its microscopic origin, its relation with entanglement entropy, etc.). Loïc Villain's work concentrates on relativistic astrophysics, especially on the so-called "compact objects" (neutron stars and astrophysical black holes) and on "numerical relativity" (numerical solving of the Einstein equations). In relation with those subjects, he collaborates with researchers of LUTH (UMR 8102,  Observatoire de Paris-Meudon), a laboratory to which he is an associate researcher, on relativistic (magneto)hydrodynamics and its observational signatures for compact objects (gravitational waves, neutrinos from supernovae, gamma ray emission from magnetars, etc.).