How to find a MAC address

This page explains how to find the MAC address of an ethernet card in order to get connected on the LMPT network.

Windows users

Open a MS-dos command shell and type "ipconfig /all" (without quotes). You should get something similar to this:

We are interested in the hardware address, that is, 00-02-3F-64-DF-9B.

Linux/mac users

Open a shell, enter "/sbin/ifconfig" (without quotes), which should give you, amongst other things:

The output contains the list of network interfaces (ethernet, wifi etc ...). What we want here is the information corresponding to the interface eth0 or eth1 (this may vary from one configuration to another). Once you get the right interface, check for HWadrr (for hardware address), here : 00:13:A9:90:48:A9

In case of doubt

Do a cut-and-paste or printscreen of all the information you get in the shell, and send everything to the network admin. Note that in both cases (linux/mac/windows), dhcp mode (automatic address configuration) should be activated.